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Love when my mom posts about a my brother’s successes! This weekend, Robert decided to independently map the driving route to his next Special Olympic competition. 

Robert is 37, had very little technology training in school, and today is mostly self taught on his iPad skills.

I can clearly remember my mom advocating for Robert’s education and never giving up when she heard a teacher or therapist say he “won’t ever be able to…”  In fact, I think it fueled her more.  I can remember the phone cord twirling around the kitchen whenever she received negative input about Robert.  She called her fellow special needs parents and I swear they were coming up with a battle plan.

Parents of the next generation are often still fighting the same battles in the education system that my mom fought in the early 80’s.

Robert is proof that advocating works.  Your efforts are tiresome, but fruitful long term.  Your child is going to succeed!

Do you have a issue that needs negotiating with your child’s IEP team?

You MUST complete these 5 steps if you have any chance of getting the team to agree with your requests:

  1. Do your research.
  2. Have a clear vision of your goal.
  3. Give solutions to objections.
  4. Follow up.
  5. Keep your focus on your child and their needs.

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