Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed, CLC

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed, CLC. Special Education Speaker & Consultant. Providing Innovative Solutions for Parents & Professionals in the Special Education Community.

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Great overview of reading skills, strategies and development. Includes a simple overview of the IEP process and realistic developmental milestones with enrichment activities.

Is your child’s special education program only working on surface behaviors?

Is your child’s IEP team digging deep? Looking for the roots of actions? Recognizing your child’s individual needs?

During the school day is your child craving a relationship? A connection? A support system who understands?

When advocating for children who are acting out against expectations, I often ask teams to perform a Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA). However, standard data is not acceptable… If a team is expecting a high standard of behavior from a student (which they should), the IEP team will also be held to high expectations for finding cause and presenting individualized solutions!

Do you think your child’s IEP team follows IDEA law simply because it exists?

Do you think your child’s IEP team follows IDEA law simply because it exists?

I felt so in charge yesterday while challenging the school. Even if it was over something extremely stupid. I was yelled at, lectured, and made to cry. But I taught them something about my son. I am in charge of my son’s education (including his recess!). And compromise and full disclosure of info will be the name of my game. Thank you for teaching me!
Mom of Elementary Student and IEP Bootcamp attendee

You have to speak the language to lead your child’s IEP team!