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IEP Boot Camp Weekly Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who has registered for Fall IEP Boot Camps!

​If you aren’t registered yet, you can find the updated schedule and registration links at 

Are you ready for your IEP action step this week?

**Assure the team has all equipment, curriculum and tools needed.  
**Assure the team is implementing accommodations and modifications.

An email this week is just fine.  You did the hard work last week and made the effort to go up to the school to meet your team. 
(I know, you may still be completing your visits.)

Accommodations and modification implementation can make or break an IEP. 
Right now is the time to review this section and assure your child set up for success.

Email each of the team members and simply state:

Dear  (teacher/therapist),

Thanks so much for meeting me last week.  My daughter, Michelle is excited about the new swing in your therapy room!  As we discussed, Michelle will need appropriate fidgets in each of her environments starting from day one.  If I can send anything in from home that you feel will work well, please let me know.  Otherwise, I will assume you have found all the supplies necessary for her to begin the year with support.

Thanks Again,

Your Name

Your Phone Number

Desired Outcome: Team members respond quickly to your email.  They assure they have the details arranged for your child.  You are confident your child’s first few days of school will be a success.

Red Flags: No response from the team member.  You are questioning if your requests have even been heard.  Thank goodness you have everything in writing!  You leave a voicemail for the staff to assure your child is supported for the first few days of school.  Be prepared, you may be walking your child into school the first day to assure none of the necessities are missing.


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Until Next Week….

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